This is Rylee, she's David's lil' sis, and is a keyboard ninja. 


This is Ryan's hair, he slaps the bass. 


Here's Joey, the hardest hitting drummer in the biz.


This is David, he's Rylee's big bro and enjoys long walks on the beach and the colour green.Oh and he sang with Greenday once. 

REBELLE is the musical evolution of Wakefield Quebec based David Taggart, Rylee Taggart, Ryan Wiles and Joey Kane. REBELLE sounds like Nirvana playing Killers tunes with anthemic hooks and alt rock drenched in emotion. The group's energy is palpable and their live show is unstoppable. 

Without an album release, REBELLE made it to the Top 10 Regional finalists in CBC’s Searchlight contest, two years running - a testament to the strength of their sound. REBELLE has tapped into a sweet spot blending rock, alternative and indie to create an album that you’ll want to listen to on repeat.

Wondering how this bunch appeared on the scene? In a previous life, three of the four members were in Wakefield based The Strain - a band that toured extensively and went on to win LIVE 88.5’s Big Money